How to send SCORM courses to users

To send SCORM courses to users, you first need to navigate to  Learning > SCORM Publish

'Course' tab

  1. Name your Course.
  2. Add a Description.
  3. Keywords make the course easier to find if user's are searching for it.
  4. Choose whether you are publishing a Private, Public or Campaign Course.
  5. Choose a category.

'Type' tab

  • Under 'Course Type', select SCORM:


  • Choose the appropriate settings for this course:

  • Upload your selected SCORM course, and assign Participation Points:


'Target' tab 

  • Choose your targets

'Email' tab

  • Curate your email template.
  • Choose to send the email:
    • in the user's preferred language
    • Send Later
    • Send Now
  • Customise the number of reminders sent for this course.

Note: If 'Send Later' is selected, you can issue the SCORM course at another time via Products > Learning > Learning In Progress.

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