Add a data form to a phish

Within Phish Creation, on the 'Phish Content' tab, you have the option to attach a data form to the phish.

Attaching a form will result in the user receiving the chosen form after clicking on the email link. This means that you can measure if users are susceptible to submitting sensitive data after clicking on a malicious link.

There are two ways in which you can add a form.

1. Using an Email Template

After you have chosen your email template, if there is a form available to attach the data form, select Yes from the available options:


  • You can then click to Preview or Edit the form as required:


2. Create Your Own Phish or Customise a Template

If you have chosen to Create your Own Phish, you can choose which type of form you would like to attach from below the text editor:


  • You can choose to use the form as is, or customise it using either the Basic or Advanced customisation options:


  1. Basic Customisation: Upload a logo to the selected form only.
  2. Advanced Customisation: Customise the entire form as required. When choosing this option, follow the guidelines available within the Form editor.

The URL, which is presented to end users on the phish email, will reflect the domain of the selected phish template. Selecting Learn More will highlight how the phish landing page will work:



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