How to create a Policy

  • To begin, navigate to Policy.
  • Select the 'Policy Creation' tile to open various tabs that need to be completed.

1. The first of these, the 'Policy' tab, is for naming and uploading the policy and documents. 

Fields to complete:

  • Name = Policy name
  • Title = Policy title
  • Keywords: These make it easier to find the content via a search, and they are visible to end users.
  • Policy Author: Optional – insert this information for clarity, if required.
  • Section 1
    • Title: Policy document's title
    • Description: Policy document's description
    • Choose section content: PDF, Custom Text or Linked URL. PDF is the most common and recommended content type.
    • Policy Date: Use this to add an Original Policy Creation Date.

2. Use the 'Response Options' tab to create a button which users will click to acknowledge they have read the policy.

Fields to complete:

  • Text: This is the text for the button, e.g. ‘I agree’ or ‘I have read and understood’.
  • Properties: Can be either ‘Close Message’ or ‘Request Exemption’.
  • Close Message: Use this option for users to acknowledge that they have read the policy document.
  • Request Exemption: If required, you can provide this option for a user to request exemption from a Policy.

3. Categories: For selecting the relevant category for your policy.

4. Options: For additional features. (Note that for Basic policies, these options may not be required.)

5. Related Items: Used for adding a related document or URL to your Policy.

6. Approval: This can be used if you require approval by members of your Organisation before sending policies to users.

7. Target: Select those users who are to receive the Policy.

8. Email: This gives you the option of sending a customised email to users advising that a Policy is awaiting their review. (You can choose to send this email later.)

  • Send Now: Once you click Publish, the email will be sent to all users ticked within the 'Target' tab.
  • Send Later: You can choose to send the email to users at any time via the 'Policy in Progress' table.

Once the tabs have been completed, click Publish and your Policy will then be available for your users to review.

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