Send a Phish Campaign with multiple templates

You can add up to 50 different email templates per Phishing Campaign.

If the phish is sending multiple templates all at once, the system will randomly allocate the templates and deliver them to different users.

  1. This means that users will receive different templates. 
  2. The reporting will then highlight which template the user interacted with.

In the phish creation tool within the 'Phish Content' tab, select Email Details.

  • You will then be able to select Yes to 'Multiple Templates':


  • Click on Add Template to add as many email templates as needed (up to 50). 
  • Select the blue 'Choose Template' button to select each template.

Once you have selected a template, or added your own, you can assign a 'Template Name' to each email. This information will then be visible within the 'Phish Adoption' and 'Phish Overview' reports to help you understand which template each user has received.

** Please note the following points if you are using Multiple Templates and staggering the emails sent. **

  • If you selected a stagger over 100 hours with 200 users targeted, the number of emails sent every hour will be 2, i.e. 200 users/100 hours = 2 users per hour.
  • For that reason, only templates 1 and 2 in the list will be used on each run, as it resets itself. If the batch size was 4, then templates 1 to 4 would be issued.
  • Therefore, the number of targets each hour must be more than the number of email templates chosen to ensure all the templates are utilised.

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