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SCORM Wrapping FAQ Document

Frequently Asked Questions about our SCORM Wrapping Service


What is MetaCompliance's 'SCORM Wrapping Service'?

What Content Types are available in a SCORM Wrap?

How many pieces of Content can be Included in a SCORM Wrap?

In which Languages are SCORM Wraps available?


How do I order a SCORM Wrapped Course?

How long does it take to receive a SCORM Wrapped Course?


Which Quizzes are included in a SCORM Wrap?

What is the difference between a Knowledge Check and a Quiz in a SCORM Wrap?

What is the Passmark for Assessment Content in SCORM Wrapped Courses?


Does a SCORM Wrapped Course Support Closed Captions?

Should I 'burn' captions into my own videos for SCORM Wrapped Courses?


Can a Learner Repeat Content in a SCORM Wrap?

Can Learners View SCORM Wrap Content in Any Order?

What SCORM Standards are used for SCORM Wrapping?