Which Content Services does MetaCompliance offer?

MetaCompliance has a number of Content Services available to meet your organisational requirements.

1. Custom Content

When you need to deliver a tailored, customised message that meets your unique requirements, we’re here to help.

Whether you need a short, sharp animated video to deliver an essential message, or a rich SCORM course to educate your staff, we can create the content to meet your needs.

We’ll work closely with the people who know your organisation the best: you! We’ll bring the project manager, instructional designers, graphic and motion designers, and quality controllers to deliver your message in an engaging manner.

And if you need it in multiple languages, we’ve got you covered!

2. SCORM Wrapping Service

We want you to get the most from our content. While our Fusion functionality allows you to create your own courses for deployment from our platform, we understand that sometimes you need to use your own LMS.

This is where our SCORM Wrapping service comes in. Simply choose up to 10 pieces of content, with an optional pre-test, and we’ll wrap them in a menu and deliver them in a SCORM standard of your choosing.

3. Fusion Intros

One of the greatest challenges with off-the-shelf content is making it personal to your organisation. At MetaCompliance, we understand this challenge. We want your staff to understand how important Security Awareness Training is, and how it impacts your organisation.

Using our standard script, we’ll create a short animation introducing your course for you, for free! We’ll even add your logo to tailor the video more closely to your organisation.

And if you need a Customised Fusion Intro, or additional Standard Fusion Intros, we’ll be happy to do this at a reasonable price.

4. Translation Services

At MetaCompliance, we’re used to developing content in a wide range of languages; whether it’s content on Phishing in Arabic, Safe Web Browsing in Chinese, or GDPR in major European and international languages, we understand the challenge.

We understand the need to deliver key messages to staff in their native language, and how time-consuming and challenging that can be. The good news is that we’re here to help.

We’ve partnered with a leading translation company who we have been working closely with for several years. We can help you to translate your message accurately and efficiently. Whether it’s a simple PowerPoint presentation, an address from the CEO, or even some of our content that you need in a specific language, we can take care of it for you.

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