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How many Pieces of Content can be Included in a SCORM Wrap?

Our SCORM Wraps are designed to mimic the look and feel of a single-section Fusion course.  Accordingly, this allows for a maximum of 10 pieces of content from any of the content types.

Additionally, you can also include the following content types, which do not count towards the maximum of 10:

  • Customer Information Screen: This enables you to add custom text at the start of the course.  (This can be specific messaging to enhance a Fusion Intro, or used in place of it.)
  • Pre-Test: You can choose to include a pre-test prior to the course, enabling you to determine a learner’s pre-existing knowledge of a topic.  As with our Fusion courses, the pre-test consists of quiz questions that accompany the chosen content.  You choose the number of questions, or, if you wish, provide alternative questions.  The learner has one attempt at the pre-test and, if successful, all of the content will be available for them to view.  If the learner does not successfully pass the pre-test, they will be required to complete the content.


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