2021 - July Content Release

Cyber Security Protection in Irish:

An overview of this month's Irish content release:


29 Irish Translations in our Library

Irish translations have now been added to our extensive language coverage. We have released 29 Irish-translated Nanos, with titles including, ‘How to Spot a Phish’, ‘Data Handling’ and ‘Email Essentials’.



Supplement your Cyber Security eLearning with Printable Posters

To complement our new Nano content, we have designed a series of posters that act as a visual reminder of cyber security best practices. The posters can be downloaded HERE.



Phish Templates for Irish-based, simulated Phishing exercises:

We have also translated a collection of 13 phishing email templates. These are based on current events & offers from leading brands, such as Ryanair, Just Eat and Bank of Ireland.


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