Adobe PDF API Viewer

Problem: Users face challenges when zooming into policies and PDFs within Fusion courses. At 200% zoom, the view becomes skewed, and the shortened scroll bar limits visibility of crucial content. This issue particularly impacts users with specific accessibility needs, frustrating their experience and hindering readability.

Solution: To address these challenges, we embedded the Adobe PDF API Viewer for all policy documents and PDF communications within our Fusion courses. This solution aims to provide a seamless viewing experience regardless of zoom level, ensuring that all users, including those with accessibility requirements, can easily access and navigate PDF content.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced accessibility and user experience: The Adobe PDF API Viewer supports smooth zooming up to 200%, enhancing readability and usability.
  • Customisable viewing options: Users can minimise menu sections within PDFs, controlling their viewing experience without interruption.
  • Integration with the platform and our MyCompliance Teams App: Seamless integration into policies and Fusion courses ensures that PDFs are readily accessible without external plugins or downloads, even on the MyCompliance Teams App!

Why use it...? 

Admins understand the critical importance of accessibility in cyber security training and awareness programs. By implementing the Adobe PDF API Viewer, organisations can significantly improve awareness and human risk management by ensuring that all employees, regardless of their accessibility needs, have equitable access to essential policy documents and communications within their training courses. This proactive approach not only enhances compliance but also fosters a more inclusive and effective learning environment.

This initiative reflects our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance accessibility and streamline user experiences across our cyber security platform, reinforcing our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our users and ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.

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