Metaflows - Create a Triggers Campaign

In a Triggers campaign, you can automate a content campaign targeting users based on the following specific events:

  • Phish clicked: A user clicks on a specified number of phishing attempts.
  • Data entered on phish: A user enters data on a specified number of phishing attempts.
  • User joins platform: A new user is added to the platform. You can also set a delay (in days) between this event and the action occurring.

Steps to create a Triggers campaign

  1. Set up your Triggers campaign

    • Before setting up your rule, you need to create your Triggers campaign.
  2. Add content to your campaign

    • Follow the steps outlined in How do I add content to a Campaign?┬áNote that phishing attempts cannot be included in a Triggers campaign since they need to operate on a specific date schedule.
  3. Campaign Creation

    • Go to Campaign Creation and select Trigger Campaign.
    • mceclip0.png
  4. Configure your campaign

    • Name and Description: Provide a name and description for your campaign.
    • Flowbuilder: Add your steps in the desired order using the flowbuilder.
    • Set Delays and Notifications: Set the delay (in days) between each step, and edit the email notifications by clicking on the 'Settings/Cogwheel' icon on each step.
    • mceclip4.png
  5. Publish your campaign

    • Click Publish Changes to finalise and publish your campaign.
  6. Add the campaign to a Trigger

Key Considerations

  • Phish limitations: Phishing steps cannot be included in a Triggers campaign.
  • No edits post-publishing: Once published, Triggers campaigns cannot be edited.
  • No deletion: Triggers campaigns cannot be deleted.
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