Manually reissue a single email notification for a course

Admins often face difficulties ensuring that employees complete their cyber security training. One common issue is the inability to resend email notifications to users who cannot find the initial email, leaving them unable to access and complete their training. This results in increased human risk and lower overall security awareness within the organisation.

To address this challenge, we have introduced a manual email reissue feature. This feature allows admins to instantly resend email notifications to users directly from the 'Learning in Progress' page, ensuring that important training emails are at the top of their inboxes.

  • Instant Resend: The 'Resend Email ' button on the Email Report allows admins to quickly resend email notifications to users who cannot find the original email.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Admins can easily enter a user's email and send notifications without interfering with automatic reminders.
  • Error Handling: System provides feedback if an email is incorrect, ensuring accurate targeting.
  • Enhanced Training Completion: By ensuring users receive their email notifications promptly, the likelihood of completing cyber security training increases, thereby reducing human risk.

For admins, this feature is essential for improving security awareness and managing human risk. By providing a reliable method to ensure all users receive their training notifications, it helps maintain high compliance rates and reduces vulnerabilities associated with incomplete training. This tool is crucial for maintaining a robust security posture and fostering a culture of awareness and vigilance within the organisation.

How to

  • Navigate to Learning in Progress: Go to the 'Learning in Progress' section to view the list of courses.

  • Locate the course: Find the course for which you need to resend an email notification.

  • Access the 'Actions' column: In the 'Actions' column next to the course, click on the 'Arrow' icon to reveal more options.

  • Select Resend Email: Click on the 'Resend Email ' option.

  • Enter User Information: A modal will slide in from the right. Enter the email address or name of the user who needs the email notification resent.

  • Select the User: A list of matching users will appear. Select the tickbox next to the correct user's name. You can add up to 10 users.
  • Confirm Email: If an entered email is incorrect or does not exist, the system will inform you, and you won't be able to add it.
  • Send Notification: Once you have selected the users, click the 'Send Email(s)' button.
  • Receive Confirmation: A notification will confirm that the email has been sent to the selected users.
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