Metaflows - Set up Triggers

What is Metaflows?


1. Create your Triggers course or campaign if using these as an action

2. Set up your Trigger

  • To create your custom trigger, navigate to Settings > Triggers.
  • Click on Create New and follow these simple drag-and-drop set-up steps:

(a) When: Specify when you want the rule to be triggered.

  • As soon as: The trigger activates as soon as the event target is met.

(b) Check if: Define the event that will trigger the action.

  • Phish clicked: A user clicks on a specified number of phishing attempts.
  • Data entered on phish: A user enters data on a specified number of phishing attempts.
  • User joins platform: A new user is added to the platform. (You can also set a delay (in days) between this event and the action occurring.)

(c) Do: Specify the action you want to automate if the above scenario occurs.

  • Enrol user in course: To reduce risk, ensure users receive immediate training, enrolling them in the course within an hour of the event.
  • Enrol user in campaign: Automate a content campaign targeted to the user based on their actions.
  • Send email to myself or User's supervisor: Keep relevant parties informed of user behaviour on the platform by sending an email outlining the event that has occurred.

Key Considerations

  • 'User Joins Platform' trigger - We suggest setting a 7-day delay for actions triggered by 'User joins platform'. This grace period allows for essential activities like the user's company induction, ensuring a smoother onboarding experience and more effective follow-up actions.
  • Future Activity - The trigger will only take into account activity occurring after the date it is enabled. For example, if you enable a trigger today that requires 2 phishing clicks to activate, it will only trigger the action after the user clicks on 2 phishing attempts in the future.
  •  The 'Phish click' and 'data entered on phish' triggers - These do not activate periodically, e.g. every 2 phish clicks. Instead, if you set the 'Phish click' trigger to 2 clicks, it will activate the action after the next 2 phishing clicks. Therefore, we recommend creating a separate rule for each step of the escalation process, such as for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th phishing attempts, and so on.
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