MyCompliance Teams App 4.0

Feature Overview

The MyCompliance Teams App 4.0 offers end users an alternative approach to reviewing and fulfilling their assigned Policies, Assessments, and Courses without the need to log directly in to the MyCompliance platform.

Content intended for users via the MyCompliance platform seamlessly integrates with the Teams App, making it readily accessible to end users. Additionally, you can promptly notify users on Teams about new content awaiting their review.

For the most recent version of the MyCompliance Teams App, released in May 2024, kindly reach out to your MetaCompliance Representative to ensure you receive the latest updates.

The latest version of the Teams App includes:

  • Continuation of all features available in MyCompliance Teams App 2.0
  • Notifications: Users will receive alerts similar to Teams chat notifications or channel notifications. These alerts will briefly appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and an alert will also be added to the user's Activity feed within Teams. See MyCompliance Teams App Notifications

  • Viewer Discretion: Videos within this tile can be viewed in all languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.
  • If you have opted to hide the mandatory/optional column on the home page within the platform, this preference will also be reflected in the MyCompliance Teams App.
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