Integration MetaDach Nanos

With the integration of MetaDach content, we are offering six Nanos, almost all of which are available in both German and English and all specifically designed for the General role. These have a difficulty level of 1/Basic and can be found in the bundle 'Social Networks and Cyber Core'.

1. Romance Scamming - The Fraud with Fake Love (Available in German and English)

Description: Especially due to increased contact restrictions, criminals exploit feelings of loneliness and shower victims with expressions of love and attention. This scam aims to leave the victim out of pocket. After a relationship of trust has been established, and the first phase of infatuation has passed, the true intentions then come to light. 

2. The Great Deepfake - Part 1 (Available in German and English)

Description: In the first part of the grand Deepfake story, the story revolves around the Hare who shares her exciting life on social media. The envious Vixen, impressed by the Hare's vast following, devises a sinister plan to tarnish her reputation and portray her as an arrogant show-off.

Employing sophisticated techniques and cunning research, the Vixen carries out her malevolent scheme, leading the narrative into a dark turn.

3. The Great Deepfake - Part 2 (Available in German and English)

Description: In the second part of the Deepfake story, the Hare now faces a targeted attack from the envious Vixen, who orchestrates a damaging deepfake video. With the unexpected assistance of the wise Hedgehog, they manage to unravel the deception, highlighting the ongoing challenges of navigating online threats.

4. The Great Deepfake - Part 3 (Available in German and English)

Description: In the thrilling continuation of the Deepfake storyline featuring the Hare, the Vixen and the Hedgehog, typical motifs of cyber crime are dissected with a cinematic scalpel and reassembled into a double-edged play between envy and delusion.

5. Return of the Cybermonsters (Available in German and English)

Description: Venture into the high-security prison of the cybermonsters and discover the dark secrets of adware, ransomware and the role of AI in cyber attacks.

A terrifying peek at digital threats that will let your blood run cold.

6. Stories of the Cybermonsters - Available in German

Description: Allow us to invite you on a fascinating journey through the dark world of cyber crime. In this Nano, we unveil the sinister secrets behind Trojans, malware, backdoors and other horrors of the internet.

Dive in, gain valuable knowledge about cyber threats, and learn how to protect yourself from these digital monsters.

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