What does the 'Number of Displayed Questions' option do within Custom Quiz Creation?

When creating a custom quiz in a Fusion course, an admin/business user can choose to use the 'Number of Displayed Questions' option. This will allow you to determine how many of the questions in the custom quiz should be displayed to the end user. The benefit of this is that each end user will then be presented with a different selection of questions.

  • If the end user fails the quiz, they will also be provided with a different selection of questions the second time around; for example, asking 5 of 15 questions will ensure that each user receives a different selection of 5 questions and, on failure, they will then receive a new selection of 5 questions.

  • The field will always default to ask the total number of available questions. If you select any number other than the total number of questions, then the 'shuffle questions' option will be selected and greyed out as questions will be shuffled by default.
  • When an end user successfully passes the quiz, the questions and answers for the successful attempt will be logged in the Fusion Course Analysis Report.

Note: This feature is not available for MetaEngage. If a Fusion course is sent through MetaEngage, the total number of questions will be presented to the end user regardless of whether the customer selected a different number.

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