New Nano Content - December 2023

There is one user group in every organisation that faces more cyber threats than any other: your Privileged Users. As this group has access to the most valuable information in your organisation, your entire organisation is at risk if their accounts are compromised.

To help your Privileged Users protect themselves, we are pleased to launch our series of 12 short, engaging videos, reminding them of the challenges they face, and the steps they can take to protect both themselves and their organisations.

Localised in 22 core languages and 21 additional subtitles, these will be available to Premium Plus customers on December 18th 2023. 

  • The Dangers of Weak Smartphone Security
  • The Dangers of Email
  • The Dangers of Mishandling Data
  • The Dangers of Commuting and Travelling
  • The Dangers of Tailgating
  • The Dangers of Ransomware
  • The Dangers of Unclassified Data
  • The Dangers of Credential Abuse
  • The Dangers of Phishing
  • The Dangers of Emotional Manipulation
  • The Dangers of Impersonation Scams
  • The Dangers of Malicious Website


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