What is the 'Preview' step in Phish Creation?

The Preview step is to replace the 'Send me a copy' functionality and will provide an enhanced preview experience for the phish creator. It is also a mandatory step for all phishing simulations within the Phish Creation process before they are published.

It allows the creator of the phish to be sent a full preview of the simulation so they can review the full experience from an end user's perspective.

The phish Preview will be sent to the creator of the phish (and up to 4 other users) to review before the phishing simulation is published live to end users.

A successful Preview will allow customers to review the following details:

  • Email template
  • Data form (if attached)
  • Attachment (if selected)
  • Learning Experience
  • Exit Summary
  • Disclaimer (if selected)

If the Preview has been successful, you will see the below message and will be able to move forward and publish your phish to end users:

If the Preview is unsuccessful, it means that the mail has not been successfully delivered, and the following alert will appear on the platform:


Errors that could cause a phish preview to fail include:

  • IP addresses not fully whitelisted;
  • from address not fully whitelisted;
  • destination user does not exist;
  • destination user mailbox is full.

A successful Preview will need to run before the phish can be published to end users.


Note: If a successful Preview has been ran, and the creator of the phish updates the 'from address' or changes the users who have been selected for it, then another Preview will need to be completed before the phish can be published.


Multiple Templates

If a phish with multiple templates is set up, and there is only one Preview user, they will receive a preview of Template 1.

  • If there are 5 Preview users, they will receive a preview each of Templates 1-5.
  • If more than 5 templates have been chosen, we would recommend using the 'Send me a Copy' view to review the other templates; or alternatively, set up each template as its own phish and run a preview of each before creating your multiple template phish.


Multiple Languages

If a phish has been set up using multiple languages and a preview is ran, if one of the Preview users has their preferred language assigned, then they will receive the phish preview in that language.

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