New Nano Content - September 2023

We all respond best to learning that speaks to us as individuals, especially when we can see ourselves and our unique challenges being acknowledged.

While most eLearning content leans towards a one-size-fits-all approach, our department-specific information is more focused on how different roles face different threats, and on how each has their own set of remediation strategies driven by the needs of their roles.

By leveraging content that caters to the specific needs of their departments, organisations can improve their engagement with cyber security courses, and promote a culture focused on security. This helps protect against the threats associated with cyber crime and data breaches.

Our new department-specific series of engaging, eLearning videos will help organisations improve cyber security awareness, enhance knowledge retention, and promote safe practices for protecting sensitive data.

We have 12 Nanos for each department, each focusing on the key threats they face. The first three departments in the initial release are:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Marketing

Localised in 22 core languages and 21 additional subtitles, these will be available to Premium Plus customers on September 4th 2023.

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