What is a 'Course Completion Email'?

A Course Completion Email can be sent to end users when they successfully complete a course. The emailĀ  will serve as proof that a user has completed a course; this will be useful for end users who complete courses using Direct Access, as they have no portal access to see which courses they have successfully completed.

  • To send a Course Completion Email when publishing a course, navigate to the 'Type' tab and enable the checkbox for 'Send Completion Email to User'.

  • If a user has set their preferred language, then the email will be sent in the language selected.
  • If a certificate has been attached to the course, this will also be attached to the email notification. The email will present as shown below:

Course Completion Emails can be enabled for the following course types:

  1. Fusion Course
  2. MetaCompliance Course
  3. SCORM Course

These emails can be sent when a user completes a course via log in, Direct Access, Teams or MetaEngage.

If an end user accesses a course that they have already completed, and reviews the content again, they will be provided with an updated Course Completion Email, and a new certificate will be generated if applicable.


  1. Course Completion Emails cannot be enabled for SCORM Transfer Courses.
  2. Course Completion Emails cannot be enabled if 'Anonymous Responses' has been selected.
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