When will a Phish Remediation Course be sent after a user clicks on a Phish?

When a user clicks on a phish that has been selected to have a follow-up remediation course, you are able to choose the length of time after which the user will receive that course.

The emails are sent at 12:30pm UTC on the selected number of days after the user clicks the link within the phish simulation. If the 'Number of days' is chosen is '1', then it will actively need 24 hours to elapse before the course can be sent.

For example, if a user clicks on a phish at 12:28pm UTC on a Tuesday, then they will receive the remediation course at 12:30pm UTC on Wednesday.

However, if the user clicked on a phish on a Tuesday at 12:34pm UTC, then they will not receive the email until Thursday 12:30pm UTC. (As 24 hours will not have passed by Wednesday 12:30pm, the platform will not send the email out.)

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