New Nano Content - August 2023

Creating new video content, tailored to different departments in an organisation, is an effective way to improve cyber security awareness.

eLearning content can educate employees on the best practices for protecting sensitive information, while department-specific information can be more focused and conveyed through engaging, bite-sized learning.

By producing videos that cater to specific departmental needs, organisations can enhance overall cyber security awareness and promote a culture of security. This can help mitigate risks associated with cyber threats and protect valuable data from potential breaches.

Our new department-specific series of engaging, eLearning videos will help organisations improve cyber security awareness, enhance knowledge retention, and promote safe practices for protecting sensitive data.

We have 2 new titles focused on the Marketing department:

  • Marketing Department - The Dangers of Weak Smartphone Security
  • Marketing Department - The Dangers of Phishing

Both will be available in 22 core languages and 21 additional subtitles, and will be available to Premium Plus customers on August 29th 2023.


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