Editing Phish Templates when using Multiple Languages

Within MetaPhish, you can create one phish with multiple languages and then edit the email template per language chosen.

  • To do this, create a phish and choose multiple languages:

  • Next, on the 'Phish Content' tab, choose a language and click Create your own Phish.

  • You have the option of either choosing an existing MetaCompliance phish template to edit or of creating your own. See article: Creating Your Own Phish Template
  • Once you have made the required changes, select your next language and repeat these steps. Do this for all required languages.

You can then move on to selecting the Learning Experience and editing the Exit Summary before choosing your targets for the phishing simulation.

End users will receive the phish in their preferred language if it was one of the languages used in the simulation; otherwise, it will default to English for those users who have not yet set their preferred language.

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