Can I set a passmark for Embedded Quizzes?

Yes, you now have 2 options to choose from. You can either add a Global Passmark which carries over into all embedded quizzes, or you can add an individual passmark on a quiz-by-quiz basis.

  • To enable a Global Passmark, navigate to Settings > Company Edit.

  • The percentage set will carry over when creating a Fusion course. (You also choose ‘Set Passmark’ on a MetaCompliance Nano quiz.)
  • If you require a different passmark to be set for a particular embedded quiz, you can opt to change only that percentage.
  • End users have to achieve the passmark on the quiz to be able to complete the course. If they don't reach this mark, they will have the option to retake it.

Individual Passmark

  • If you do not enable a Global Passmark, you can still add passmarks to individual Nano quizzes by selecting ‘Include Quiz’ and ‘Set Passmark’.
  • This will also automatically enable the ‘Show Quiz Summary’ option so that end users can review which passmark they achieved.

  • To see the quiz score achieved by end users in Reporting, please navigate to the Fusion Course Analysis Report.
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