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Battle Card: Awareways

Awareways is a Dutch-based security awareness company that has circa 150 customers; the company mainly services the Benelux regions.

Only 150 customers worldwide, but seemingly the majority are in the Netherlands. Some notable names are Post NL, Ahold Delhaize, Pon, KPMG, Allianz, Heineken, Heijmans, Renewi.



The Awareways Security Awareness Culture Scan is the start of your culture change training. The Culture Scan is based on a social psychological model that provides insight into human behaviour and underlying constructs that influence this. Culture Scan maps out the degree of information awareness by challenging employees to reflect on their own level of knowledge and behaviour. Participating in the scan is therefore an awareness intervention in itself. 

The Awareways Culture Scan provides concrete results, such as:

  • the current state of information awareness;
  • insight into cultural aspects, including social norms, attitudes and behaviour;
  • practical spearheads for a security awareness follow-up programme.

Security Awareness Training

Wave is a learning experience platform in which employees learn to work safely with information. The platform was developed by Awareways based on the latest insights in fields such as psychology, didactics and gamification. Wave was set up on the basis of microlearnings that form a user-specific security and privacy awareness training.

Communication Campaign

  • The focus of the communication concept that we develop depends on the 'security awareness maturity' of your organisation. Do we start by creating a sense of urgency, or do your employees see the importance and is the focus on conversion from intention to behaviour?
  • To determine that start, a baseline measurement or input from important stakeholders can offer a solution. The more insight you have into the degree of information awareness of your employees, the sharper we can focus the awareness program.

Phishing Simulation

  • Awareways phishing simulation offers an online platform with which attacks can be simulated in a simple and cost-effective way. 

Vishing Simulation

  • The aim of the vishing simulation is primarily to increase the level of knowledge. By measuring whether your employees recognise voice phishing scams – and if not, what information they transfer.

Smishing Simulation

  • Smishing or SMS phishing is a form of scam in which internet criminals approach you with text messages. The goal of SMS phishing is the same as phishing, i.e. to obtain information, such as login and bank details.


  • None that we have knowledge of.

Awareways are an organisation that aims to form a deep-rooted relationship with the customer by creating a tailored and branded awareness campaign, with a heavy focus on understanding the company culture and taking a hands-on approach to address awareness.

From Lost Opps, it sounds like Awareways (from an end-user perspective) operate in the background and even re-brand their solution so that the content seems like it has been created internally.