What has happened to the Phish Delivery Status Report?

We have decided to retire our legacy Phish Delivery Status Report.

Upon trying to access this report, you will now be presented with the notification below. (Access to this message will be removed after a period of time.)

However, all is not lost...

You can now find the status of phish deliveries via our new Phish Overview Report which provides more columns to filter on, such as 'Open', 'Click', 'Data Entry' or 'Attachment', along with providing an overall better user experience.

You will, however, need to add the 'Delivery Status' and 'Delivery Time' columns to the report.

  • To do this, open the Phish Overview Report; search for the relevant phishing simulation, and click View Audits within the 'Action' column.

  • Within here, click on Column Visibility.

  • Next, select Delivery Status and Delivery Time; click away, and then select Save.


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