Should I consider hiding the Mandatory/Optional labelling of Content on the MyCompliance Platform?

When publishing Policies, Assessments and Training on the MyCompliance platform, admins have the option to show or hide the 'Optional' or 'Mandatory' labelling. For further information, see article:

Feedback from some organisations would suggest that, for example, when a training course has been published using the 'Optional' field, users tend not to prioritise this, resulting in the completion percentage on the Adoption and Audit reports being lower than with Content pieces that have been marked as 'Mandatory'. 

The preference of this setting will be dependent on the requirement of each organisation. However, it is a particularly beneficial functionality when there are multiple pieces of Content targeted to the same group within a close time frame, as this allows admins to differentiate which Policies, Assessments and Training pieces are more important than others and which need to be completed first.

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