Can I update a Policy within a Published Course?

No; while we do indeed have an option of updating policies published via the Policy module and accessed via Policies in Progress, when it comes to a Policy that has been included as part of a Fusion course, then updating the policy in this instance is not currently possible. (Likewise, you cannot edit a Fusion course, once published.)

  • If you have an updated version of the Policy that you need to include in the course, the best way to do so would be to Archive your Published Course, Create a Copy of your Fusion Template, and make the changes to your Policy at this point before retargeting to your users.
  • Your users will receive a new notification to complete this course at the point of publishing, and will be able to review the new Policy within.
  • The Archived course (with the original policy) will no longer be accessible, thus ensuring your users have no access to an outdated policy.
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