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Can I Use a URL Link to Access a Course?

Yes, if you want to use a URL link to access a course, you will need to use the following link (to which you will add the course ID): 

  • After the last '/' (i.e. forward slash), you now need to add the course ID. To locate this, navigate to Learning>Learning in Progress>View Course.
  • When this loads, the URL will include a course number. Simply, add this identifying number to the end of the above link.
  • Your course will need to be published. (If you untick 'Make Course Private', this will allow you to publish the course without selecting targets.)

Now, let's look at a sample course ID of 34840.

  • In this instance, the link would subsequently be:   
  • When end users click on this link, they will then be taken straight to the course. Once the course has been taken, the user will then be marked as 'completed' within the reporting.