Survey - How to export Reporting audits

There are 2 ways in which you can export Survey Audit Reports from the platform.

Method #1

  • Navigate to Reporting > Survey > Audits:


  • Once selected, all audits for every Survey published to date will populate. You then have the choice to filter this down further or customise your report to whatever your requirements are.
    • (Note: This will also populate any and all archived surveys.)
  • To customise your audit report, please refer to article: How do I customise Reporting?
  • Once you have filtered the audits to include the desired details, then simply select which format to export the report in.
    • You have 2 options at this point; choose between Excel or CSV.


  • Once you have chosen your desired export format, a window will then appear advising that the reporting is being downloaded. The report will automatically download and be made available to you. 


Method #2

  • To use the second method of exporting Reporting Audits, navigate to Reporting > Survey > Overview:


  • In this report section, you will see an option to Export All Audits; this can be completed on a weekly basis by an Administrator.


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