Which options exist within the 'Approval Rules' section of 'User Management'?

Within this area of the platform, there is a grid showing the full user list displayed in alphabetical order.

From here, you have the choice to assign content permission to individual(s).

Do I need to scroll through the list of users to find the person I am looking for?

  • No, instead of scrolling, use the 'Search' bar (top-left corner of the window) to enter the person's name.

  • Once you are then setting the permissions for the user, you can choose to make them a 'Creator', 'Approver' or 'Reviewer'.

Can someone be assigned more than one role?

  • Yes, a user can be both a 'Creator' and 'Approver', or a 'Creator' and 'Reviewer'; however, it is not possible to be all three.
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