When are the monthly Supervisor Emails sent out?

The monthly Supervisor emails are triggered on the first Monday of every month, at 07:00 UTC

In order that these emails are sent to Supervisors, the following parameters have to be met:

  • If users have not completed all assigned Content, either one month after receiving their last email alert or one month after they have been targeted, emails will then be sent to defined Supervisors & Supervisors' Managers.
  • The emails are sent on the first Monday of every month to Supervisors and Supervisors' Managers.

So, as an example, if a user has received their last reminder email for a piece of content on 15th August, the email will not be sent until the first Monday of November. 

  • The reason for this is that one month after their last content reminder would be 15th October. 
  • Since the emails to Supervisors and Supervisors' Managers are not triggered until the first Monday of every month, the next scheduled email run would then be the first Monday of November.
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