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Editing Data Entry Form in a Phishing Simulation

When building a Phishing Simulation, you may wish to record whether the targeted users are a potential risk to your organisation; this can be done by submitting sensitive information via a Data Entry Form. (The MetaPhish tool comes with a wide variety of Phishing email templates, some with associated data entry forms.)

An easy way to edit one of the existing data entry forms – or manipulate it to relate to the ‘Create Your Own Phish’ simulation you are building – is to copy the HTML Source code of the prepopulated Data Entry Form.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, decide which Data Entry Form you wish to copy; these will have to be previewed within the ‘Email Type: Phish Templates’ area, as the ‘Create Your Own Phish’ area does not contain these pre-designed data entry forms. Only Email templates with associated data entry forms have the ‘Attach Form Data’ option ‘Yes’ available.
  2. Click on the Preview/Edit Form button which will then open the Data Entry Form.
  3. You can simply edit the Form within this Preview window if you wish to continue to use the associated Phish template. However, if you wish to use this Data Entry form for a custom template, click on the 'Source' button within the Editor toolbar.
  4. Select all of the text within this area, and copy. (You may wish to copy and paste into Notepad.)
  5. Open the ‘Create Your Own Phish’ option, and continue to create your Phish template as desired.
  6. When it comes to adding the Data Entry form, select the 'Custom' form option from those presented.
  7. Click on the Preview/Edit Form button.
  8. This will open a blank Editor; select the 'Source' option from the Editor toolbar.
  9. Paste the Source text from the previous data entry form.
  10. Select Save before closing this window to ensure the data entry form is saved to the Phishing Simulation.