Why is a user being redirected to the Login page? (Federated)

There can be various reasons why users are unable to log in; however, as an admin, there are some checks that can be completed to ascertain the cause behind this.

  • Is the user visible from the User Management table? If not, follow the steps within this article: How to add Federated Users
  • Does my organisation have multiple domains? If so, have these been added to the redirection by MetaCompliance? Contact Support for more information on this.
  • Has the content been set up with the ‘Requires User's Login’ option disabled? If this is the case, once a user has completed content, they will be redirected to the Login page. For more information on Direct Access, please refer to article: 'Requires User Login' - What does this mean? 

If none of the above apply, please raise a ticket with our Support team at support@metacompliance.com, and we will investigate the matter further.

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