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How to Prevent the Hard Deletion of SCIM Users After they have been Disabled

When SCIM users are disabled on AAD, we receive a Deletion Request 30 days after we receive the Disable Request. 

When the account is deleted, this will delete the user account along with any associated audits. 

If you wish to prevent your users from being deleted, you will need to deselect the 'Delete' option:


Follow the below steps to locate this setting within the MyCompliance User Provisioning application. 

  • Open the Enterprise application within AAD.
  • Navigate to the Provisioning tab.


  • Select Edit attribute mappings:


  • Under the 'Mappings' section, select Provision Azure Active Directory Users:


  • Deselect the Delete option:


  • Click Save. This will then save the update and stop any further Deletion Requests being sent from your AAD to MetaCompliance. 

* It's important to note that this is switched 'on' at the application level, so MetaCompliance will not receive any Deletion Requests for any of your users. This cannot be turned 'on' for specific user accounts.