Why do MX Records need to be implemented for Custom Domains in AWS?

Another form of personalisation that the MyCompliance platform offers is the ability to customise the email 'From Address' when sending content notification emails to staff. This service allows you to spoof your internal email domain to deliver emails.

In order to do this, a representative from the MetaCompliance Support Team will send the relevant CNAME records and an MX record that are both generated when an entry is created for the domain. 

The customer needs to add the MX record to their public DNS record because of how AWS handles both the sending of emails and the receiving of data back from end users' interactions with emails.

AWS sends emails from one server and receives data back to another server. This means that any interactions that end users have with the email, such as clicks/opens/delivery etc., are sent back to a different server from where the email was originally sent. For this reason, an MX record needs to be configured on the customer's public DNS so that AWS knows that it is safe to receive data back from the custom email domain.

You also have to publish an SPF (type TXT) record in order to prove that Amazon SES is authorised to send emails from your domain.

If the customer does not add the MX record to their public DNS record, the domain will not verify on AWS, and they will not be able to use the domain on their MyCompliance tenant. 

Please note that (a) this is a requirement from AWS over which MetaCompliance has no control, and (b) that it is not a mandatory configuration to send emails from the MyCompliance Cloud platform.

If you do not wish to proceed with these changes, you can use the default email address no-reply@metacompliance.com to send Content notification emails from the platform. 


For more information, please visit the following AWS site: Using a custom MAIL FROM domain

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