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Explained: Phish Device Report

The 'Phish Device' report collects the data of which device a user is using when they open a phish.

A snippet of how the report looks can be seen below, alongside a brief explanation of each heading:


  • Overall Device Statistics: A compilation on all phish simulations in one overall statistic report.
  • [Phish Name] Device Statistics: An individual report collecting data on a specific phish exercise.

When the blue 'Opened' column is clicked by the user, the below report information will then populate:

  • User Name: First and Last name of the user, depending on their user profile.
  • User Email: The user's email address.
  • Simulation: The name of the Phish and also the phish report name.
  • Action Taken: A brief description of the user's action; for example, this will display as "Ryan OPENED the phish email on device type: MACINTOSH".
  • Phish Template: The template the admin chose within Phish Creation.
  • Date Opened: The date the user opened the phish simulation.