Commercial Terms and Conditions of Logo Use in MetaPhish Templates

MetaCompliance provides a selection of both branded and unbranded phishing templates.

Our branded templates either include look-a-like versions of company logos or a link to the image of the actual logo on the company’s website. These branded templates are provided as an option for use by the customer depending on their risk appetite.

There is a Disclaimer provided prior to the customer selecting any of these templates within our platform.

We would also draw your attention to our Commercial Terms (Commercial Terms and Conditions - MetaCompliance). Clause 12.4 (d) states, “the use of any trademark or copyright was referred to within the Software as being at the Customer’s own risk of use.“ This is excluded from the Indemnity provided in Clause 12.2 (Supplier IPR Indemnity).

So, to be clear, the use of these templates is merely an option; it is entirely within the customer’s remit to choose their preferred option:

  • Use a branded logo
  • Use one of our non-branded templates as an alternative, or
  • Create their own template within the solution.
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