How can I edit/delete a blog that I have created?

Internal blogs can be edited or deleted by any admin who has access to the platform. 

  • To edit or delete a blog, you first need to select the relevant blog within the 'Existing Blogs' area. (Please refer to article Can I create blogs? on how to access this area.)
  • Under the 'Actions' column for the relevant blog, simply select the preferred action of either Edit or Delete


  • Selecting 'Edit': The screen will populate that particular blog in the 'Blog Creation' area; simply edit as desired.
    • Once finished, ensure to select Save to update and save your edited blog. 


  • Selecting 'Delete': If you wish to remove the blog completely, choose the 'Delete' option.
    • Select Confirm if you are sure you wish to remove the blog from the Existing Blogs library. 


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