How to sign in to the MyCompliance platform

To sign in to the MetaCompliance platform to complete any allocated training, please follow the below steps.

  • Click on the link within either your Registration Email or your Welcome Email.
  • Alternatively, navigate to and select Log in.

Registration Email Received

If you have received a Registration email, you will need to:

  • input your work email address;
  • choose a password that is in line with your organisation's guidelines;
  • reconfirm the password;
  • select the 'Register' button to then open the home page.


Welcome Email Received

If you have received a Welcome email, you will be directed to our Single Sign-on page.

  • Initially, you will need to input your work email address and password; however, on any subsequent login, you will gain access to the platform automatically. 

No Email Received

If you have not received any email, you can still log in to the platform.

  • As above, after entering your work email address, you will be then taken to the home screen to complete content. 
  • As your email address will then cache, you will not have to enter this on subsequent logins - unless you have cleared your cache. You should also not have to enter a password to log in this way. 
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