Can a course name be displayed in multiple languages?

In short, the answer to this is 'no', but please see the explanation below.

Upon creating your course, you will be prompted to give it a course name which you will enter in your chosen language at the start of Course Creation.

This name will then remain constant and will not be translated even if the course is available in multiple languages. The reason for this is that the name is a unique identifier for that course and must remain in its initial language.

For demonstration purposes, the below course was created and named Phish E-Learning v1.0, and you will see I have chosen to view the course contents in German.

  • The course contents have been translated into German, but notice how the course name has remained as Phish E-Learning v1.0.
  • However, you can also see that the name of the Nano has been translated into German (located bottom left) as well as the titles of all Nanos contained within the course.


  • Please note that the above will be the case if you are using notification or non-compliant emails; the course name will remain in its first created language.
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