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MyCompliance Teams App 2.0

Feature Overview

The MyCompliance Teams App 2.0 provides an alternative method for end users to review and complete their assigned Policies, Assessments and Courses, with no requirement to log directly in to the MyCompliance platform.

Users are working each day within Teams to send messages, join meetings and collaboratively work on documents, so why not also enable the ability to complete their assigned content via this method also!

The App will help to increase adoption levels across the business, ensuring that your staff are effectively trained in helping to keep your organisation safe online.

When using the App, content targeted to users via the MyCompliance platform will also automatically be available to end users within the Teams App. No extra check needed by the Administrator!

The release date for the latest version of the MyCompliance Teams App is 5th November, 2022; please speak to your MetaCompliance Representative to avail of the latest updates.


What does the latest version of the Teams App include?

  1. Quickly review all Complete & Incomplete Policies, Assessments and Courses by selecting the relevant tile.


  2. Tile notifications alerts to communicate any Incomplete/Pending content.


  3. Users can read any enabled blogs via the new Blog tile.


  4. The 'Report Incident' option will quickly direct users to the relevant area if they need to raise a new Incident.
  5. Improved PDF messaging to help users view the file outside of the MyCompliance Teams App and review.


  6. A 'Viewer Discretion Advised' tile has been added to introduce a little humour into your Cyber Security Awareness plan – available to Premium Plus customers only. Further information on the new material can be located here - City Factory Productions™ Guide – MetaCompliance

    Users can navigate to this area and watch these videos at their leisure which, in turn, will help to drive awareness and engagement within your organisation. This option can be disabled via Company Edit if required.

  7. If you have renamed the End User Homepage tiles on your MyCompliance Platform, these will now be reflected within the MyCompliance Teams App.
    Teams App View: 
    Platform View: 

  8. Access to SCORM Courses will now be available via the MyCompliance Teams App. Once selected, users will be directed to the MyCompliance Platform to complete in the browser.



Following this, we aim to enable the following:

  • Ability to review PDF documents within the Teams application with no requirement to navigate to the browser; this is dependent on a pending Microsoft update.
  • Ability to notify end users of pending content. (This is dependent on a pending Microsoft update). In the meantime, we recommend setting up a new channel for all staff that would enable your Administrators to alert users when new content is available to review.
  • Add the MyCompliance App to the Microsoft App Store. (Again, dependent on a pending Microsoft update.)

Please note the following restrictions have been enforced on the MyCompliance Teams App:

  • SCORM & Tin Can Courses cannot be viewed via the Teams App; users will be directed to the MyCompliance platform to complete their SCORM Courses.
  • Interactions cannot be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Users accessing courses via iPhone 7 may experience intermittent issues when attempting to complete courses via the Teams App.
  • Due to Microsoft limitations, subtitles may not be supported on some mobile devices.